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Ionic Oasis SP750

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The Ionic Oasis SP 750 is a dynamic, powerful water ionizer that

infuses water with molecular hydrogen for wellness.

It ships with 7 large platinum/titanium electrodes.

Comes with a color pH meter and an ORP meter to measure the millivolt charge of alkaline

or acid water, a calcium port for adding minerals and for maximum cleaning after years of usage, in

automatic cleaning alert, hot water shut-off, and filter replacement indicator.

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The Ionic Oasis SP750 has 7 large platinum-coated titanium electrodes.
 It's large color LCD screen displays readings from the built-in pH and ORP meter. The ORP meter is calibrated to the pH scale, and all pH and ORP readings are color coded to standard pH charts. 

The Ionic Oasis SP750 also has a mineral port for adding minerals and hard cleaning, automatic daily cleaning and alert, hot water shut-off and filter life replacement indicator, giving this ultimate water ionizer the best features on the market.

Super high pH 11.5  with -850** ORP has been verified by tests! AND it also has the EXCLUSIVE pH / ORP extra hi-boost setting if needed with your water source.  An extremely fine (.01 micron) ultra filter and Biostone filter are available replacement filters for this model. 


  • Built-in mineral port to add calcium and other water-soluble minerals. Also allows access for periodic cleaning of plates.
  • Constant ORP monitor and readout
  • Adjustable pH monitor
  • pH selection of 8 levels
  • Fully adjustable power to electrodes. 190 power settings.
  • Can be used with tap water or any water source containing minerals
  • CE certification
  • Automatic cleaning alert
  • Built-in one micron sediment fiber carbon filter which removes chlorine, particulate, heavy metals (80%of flouride) and other harmful contaminenets from tap water. Ultra filter and Biostone Filter also available.
  • Automatic indicator alert when filter requires replacement
  • Easy installation of unit next to or over sink
  • Wall-mounted option
  • Comes with everything needed to install unit
  • Fully automated diagnostic system
  • Color LCD Screen
  • SMPS power supply
  • 1-5 Year Warranty
  • Voltage: AC110V (240V units available upon request)
  • Unit Size: 12.5” x 10” x 5.5”
  • Electrodes: Platinum/Titanium
  • Electrode size: 1350 cm2 (7 plates)
  • pH Range: 2.5 - 11.5 *
  • ORP Range (Alkaline Water): -100 mV to -850 mV*
  • ORP Range (Acid Water): 600+ mV to 900+ mV*
  • Operating Power: 150 - 200 Watts (2 Watts on standby)

Need a PRE-FILTER? People also bought our pre-filters with their Ionic Oasis Series machines (as shown in the picture below).
Call for SPECIAL pricing.

Replacement Filter for the Ionic Oasis -- Biostone

This filter provides 1 micron particulate filtration, carbon filtration and tourmaline which provides negative ions and a
mild ionization to the water before it runs over the electrodes. Price: $109.99 

Free 1 year warranty... 5 year Warranty Available$149.99
Free pH Color-Coded Food Chart$3.99
Free  Portable Alkaline water Ionizer Stick$49.99
Free pH water test kit$11.99
Free Handling & Insurance (USA orders only)*                            * does not apply to special offers



Above are images of the Ionic Oasis making three different types of water. The first column shows the Ionic Oasis making high pH Alkaline water, the second column neutral water, and the third column, acid water. The Ionic Oasis readout shows the pH in the top images, and the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) in the bottom images.


Please click on the link to view 
"Instructions For Installing Your Ionizer ".

The aerator is the small housing at the tip of the faucet where the water comes out. Replace the aerator and screw on the faucet diverter in its place. The diverter contains a lever on one side and a hose attachment on the other. The lever allows you to choose between normal tap water and water from the ionizer


Please  make sure your faucet is not a "pull out"  spray style, as these usually don't allow for adapters or attachments which are required to connect our countertop filters.  If you happen to have such a faucet type, then you may want to consider our Undercounter Model, which comes with it's own dedicated faucet.

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