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Vortex Alkalizer 2 Rep Filters

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The Vortex Alkalizer Replacement .Replacement of the filter ev ery 6 to 8 months. The double pack replacement filter is in PACKAGE 2. Simply remove the old filter at ther bottom of the Vortex Alkalizer and replace it wirth the new one.

This high quality replacement cartridge contains a selection of alkalizing minerals that will raise the pH of your water and various other liquids. 
By changing the filter between 6 to 8 months you will continue to :
  • Raises the pH of most filtered water to 9.5. It only takes a few minutes to alkalize the pitcher.
  • Quickly remove chlorine and harmful pollutants!
  • Improve taste of water with beneficial minerals!
  • Good for your pets too
  • Improves tap water easily - removes chlorine and other impurities, adds minerals, raises pH to 8.5 -9.0 or higher and most important... negatively charge your water for antioxidant properties!
  • Simple, Convenient and Easy to replace.
  • It can even help you lose weight when you drink sufficient quantities!
Drink Alkaline / Hydrogen water for health benefits:slow down aging, increase energy, promote weight loss, support wellness, hydrate and detoxify deeply, boost mental clarity and, most important... scavenge up free radicals!
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